Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Rest assured, your data is preserved

No matter if your data is onsite, offsite or in a public or private cloud, you need a comprehensive backup strategy that preserves and secures the right data, in as efficient of a manner as possible. In times of crisis, from the now all-too-common security breaches caused by malware, ransomware and phishing attacks to unavoidable natural disasters, your business needs complete confidence that your data is safe, secure and readily accessible – precisely when you need it.

That’s where Veristor can help. We provide our clients with access to the most powerful infrastructure and a proven consultative process to develop backup solutions that preserve, protect and provide the necessary redundancy for your data to survive even the most catastrophic situations.

Our data architects work directly with each client to devise a unique strategy for backing up data using the most technically advanced and comprehensive software solutions. And not only will we accurately replicate and store your data, but we also prove that it is both available and accessible at all times through comprehensive real-time testing, standard to our service. No matter how your data looks or where it lives, we can help you develop a comprehensive set of backup processes that will instill confidence that your data is safe.

How do I know my data will be there, intact, when I need it most?

To ensure success, data should not only be saved securely with replication across multiple data centers, but backups need to be continuously monitored by trained and certified technical staff 24/7/365. Data should be available on demand, stored on the latest flash storage technology to ensure stability and speed recovery time. Data integrity must also be tested regularly as part of standard best practices.

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How can I save time and refocus my human assets from backup management to other IT issues?

Today’s IT infrastructure teams are at capacity. Using their talents for managing backups is not cost effective any longer. Modern, managed approaches to data protection have become much more sophisticated and include not only data, but an organization’s infrastructure, applications, virtual machine recovery, and cloud-based systems as well. Saving you time and allowing your team to focus on more strategic IT initiatives.

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How do I plan my backups when my data footprint is constantly growing?

Data sprawl can be a constant struggle when it comes to backup. To simplify things, a software-based approach eliminates the disparate data silos associated with traditional backup products and significantly reduces infrastructure requirements for your business. From here, backup and retention policies are developed to prepare for growth, maintaining the capacity to scale if necessary. Ongoing interaction with data architects and storage professionals will ensure the right data is being preserved, even as data needs grow. Finally, active monitoring and a periodic fine tuning for scalability are always a good idea as data needs evolve.

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How can I prevent technical issues from getting in the way of a successful backup?

The process begins with a full network health check, which allows for a better understanding of the nature of the network and areas of potential vulnerability. After identifying and addressing issues, processes can then be established to back up data from anywhere, at any time, whether it resides in the cloud or on physical or virtual machines. From here, comprehensive, regularly scheduled testing of real world backup and restore scenarios are used to validate that technical issues won’t interfere. The right monitoring solution can help quickly identify when a technical issue does happen, preventing it from persisting or spreading.


Veristor Services Powered by Industry-Leading Expertise

  • Backup as a Service

    Deliver data protection, backup and recovery solutions to ensure full preparation for any type of disaster.

  • Backup Planning Consulting

    Design, implement and architect data protection and information management strategies that ensure preservation and accessibility to sensitive data.

  • Regular Restoration Testing

    Demonstrates ongoing disaster readiness through periodic testing of the backup and restore process proving that backups provide full capability to restore from any given point in time.

  • Backup Monitoring

    Proactively identify and resolve issues as they happen.

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