Veristor provides a ‘one-call’ support team option for every solution we design. This team is available on an 8×5 or 24×7 basis to respond to your technical support needs.

The moment a call is received, it is assigned to a Veristor engineer, who maintains ownership of the case until it is resolved and the customer has signed off on the remedy. During the life of the case, Veristor will manage the entire process, escalating as needed and communicating each step, enabling your staff to maintain focus on daily operations.


Our advanced technical support programs engage multiple resources to perform problem isolation. Our internal lab is available for re-creation and validation test activities. Additionally, we utilize secure remote capabilities such as WebEx & SSH, allowing us to remotely diagnose and correct issues in real time.


Knowing how and when to effectively escalate an issue is key to a quick resolution. Veristor has multiple levels of expertise internal to our technical support organization as well as strong vendor relationships, providing a robust support team to handle any and all issues. We efficiently escalate any issue to the appropriate internal and/or vendor partner engineering resources, targeting not only a quick, but also thorough resolution.


Veristor continuously tracks the latest product technical releases to keep our customers informed of any changes or updates related to their solution. Through periodic and recurring communications, this proactive program is designed to address and prevent issues from occurring before they can impact your business.


“First Call Support has proven to be a tremendous value-add. They handle break / fix issues very effectively. They are also eager to help answer questions about operational best practices.”
Country Music Hall of Fame
“As a customer of Veristor’s First Call Support, we have the assurance of technical support through personnel such as Larry Jenkins, Veristor’s First Call Support Manager, that will ensure our issue will be resolved quickly so that our services and operations can be maintained.”
City of Alpharetta
“We also purchased Veristor First Call Support Service – the service was impeccable.”
Young Harris College
“We have found Veristor’s First Call Support to be an invaluable asset. If an issue arises with any of our systems and components, the First Call Support team is the ‘one call’ we make to get us back up and running quickly and efficiently. Veristor’s First Call Support eliminates the frustration of working with various technology vendors to determine the root cause of the issue. Each time we have needed the First Call team, we speak to an actual person at any time of the day or night.”
EWTN Broadcasting
“We rely on the Veristor Professional Services team and First Call Support as our immediate first line of defense against any infrastructure challenge. The Veristor First Call Support team is always ready to answer our needs, with a depth of expertise that’s unlike any other solution provider we’ve worked with. Veristor First Call resolutions are fast and efficient and, if escalations are required, they stay with us every step of the way.”
CBL Properties