Veristor and HPE

Together we help customers gain a competitive edge by streamlining data center operations and transforming IT infrastructure.


HPE helps customers use IT solutions to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets, and lives. Some HPE customers run traditional data center environments. Most are transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, and mobile-friendly infrastructure. Many rely on a combination of both. Wherever they are in that journey, HPE provides the technology and solutions to help them succeed.

Simplified Cloud Environments

Simplified Cloud Environments

Accelerate app and service delivery, so you can respond nimbly to changing business conditions

Insightful Big Data

Insightful Big Data

Secure your organization’s future by extracting insights from all your relevant data

Intelligent Internet of Things

Intelligent Internet of Things

Inspire new business using data from the proliferation of connected devices that make up IoT

Data Center Modernization

Data Center Modernization

Modernize with hardware, software, services, and solutions to smooth your cloud migration

HPE Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Arm your operations team with innovative solutions to prevent, detect, and recover from threats

Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure

Maximize business outcomes with intelligent, converged, and composable infrastructure solutions

HPE Software Defined Infrastructure

Software-defined Infrastructure

Automate operations, eliminate silos, and streamline management of resources, workloads, and apps

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Overcome the barriers to supercomputing and compete in increasingly aggressive markets

Featured products from HPE

HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure Platform from Veristor

HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure Platform

Gain efficiency and control, and deploy IT resources quickly through a single interface

  • Near instant speed, single interface
  • Fluid resource pools
  • Unified APIs
  • Fully programmable infrastructure

SimpliVity Hyperconverged Platform

Speed application performance, improve efficiency and resiliency, and restore VMs in seconds

  • VM management and mobility
  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery
  • Near wire speed performance
  • Scale in and scale out
  • Fully integrated system
HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged Platform from Veristor
HPE OneSphere from Veristor

HPE OneSphere

Deploy, operate, and optimize hybrid IT environments and workloads for velocity and cost efficiency

  • Built-in service catalog
  • Self-service design
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Real-time, cross-cloud insights
  • Flexible resource and app management

Veristor Services

Driving the way you do business through IT innovation

  • Data center assessment and roadmap
  • Hybrid cloud assessment and roadmap
  • Certified platform installations
  • Infrastructure health checks
  • Cloud and on-premises data migration
  • Integration gap analysis
  • First call support
HPE IT Infrastructure Services from Veristor

Learn how the right HPE technologies can get your business ready to transform.


What They’re Saying

“…focus on DevOps has put Veristor on the front lines of digital transformation. It also has made Veristor one of HPE’s top Synergy partners. Synergy, in fact, is the kind of leading-edge technology designed to prosper in a DevOps IT environment.”


Steven Burke, CRN
“For our customers, the hybrid IT solutions from HPE deliver impressive options to reduce complexity while streamlining and speeding operations. By reducing operational friction and offering a cloud-like experience across the entire infrastructure, HPE’s hybrid IT solutions help our customers redeploy their resources onto the new projects that give them a competitive edge.”
Ashby Lincoln, President and CEO, Veristor

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