Veristor and Red Hat

Together we deliver transformative cloud solutions in an open source way.


More than two decades ago, Red Hat had a spark of an idea—a vision for developing software differently. Collaboration with an ecosystem of IT leaders, open source advocates, developers, and partners could create a better foundation for the future of IT—Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. Today, Red Hat delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services using the same open, collaborative business model and affordable, predictable subscription-based solutions.

On-demand Cloud Computing

On-demand Cloud Computing

Deliver virtual infrastructures, services, platforms, and applications on demand, across networks

Automated IT and Business Tasks

Automated IT and Business Tasks

Improve efficiency and time to value, while solving IT and business workflow challenges faster

Modern IT Security

Modern IT Security

Integrate a continuous security program that is built in, rather than bolted on

Big Data Insights

Big Data Insights

Gain value from your data by ensuring it is comprehensive, reliable, and timely

Transformative DevOps

Transformative DevOps

Speed up software builds, tests, and releases – without sacrificing reliability

Open Source Containers

Open Source Containers

Alleviate issues and iterate faster across multiple environments

Featured products from Red Hat

Red Hat Ansible Automation

Automate build, deployment, and management processes
to be consistent, lightweight, and repeatable

  • Visual dashboard
  • Role-based access control
  • Job scheduling
  • Graphical inventory management
  • Multiplaybook workflows
  • External logging integrations
  • Real-time job status updates

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy a cloud IaaS solution with seamless management
across public and private platforms

  • Open standards
  • Automated provisioning capabilities
  • Multicloud support
  • Virtualization platform management

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Virtualize, organize, and manage resources from
industry-standard hardware, for better user access

  • Comprehensive management
  • Built-in cloud security
  • Certified partner solutions
  • Ready-to-use cloud storage
  • Lifecycle support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Power your applications across bare-metal, virtual,
containerized, and private and public clouds

  • Integrated security
  • 99.999% availability
  • Application containerization
  • High-performance virtualization

Veristor Services

Guiding you through IT evolution with agile solutions

  • DevOps consulting and implementation
  • Hybrid storage assessment and roadmap
  • Orchestration and automation consulting
  • Risk and compliance audit
  • Platform deployment planning
  • Continuous integration and delivery

Learn how Veristor helps deliver the benefits of Red Hat’s cutting-edge, open source technology.


The Inside Scoop

“Leveraging emerging technologies such as containers and mobile, as well as cloud-native application development, DevOps organizations are changing the way applications are built. By collaborating with Red Hat, we are helping organizations to seize an opportunity designed to reduce their costs and increase agility so that they can realize digital transformation.”
Rashad Neloms, Vice President, Technology & Strategy, Forty8Fifty Labs
“We believe Forty8Fifty Labs is a DevOps innovator, providing a strong combination of technology and consulting knowledge to enable development teams to do more. They exemplify what it means to be a Red Hat Application Platform Partner. Together, we are helping organizations do transformative things, so they are better able to build and maintain a competitive advantage.”
D. Martin, Vice President, North America Sales, Red Hat

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