Xsigo Virtual I/O Validated by VeriStor for True Enterprise-Class Operation and Exceptional Value

SAN JOSE and ATLANTA – January 19, 2010 – Xsigo Systems, the leader in data center I/O virtualization, and VeriStor Systems, the Southeast region’s leading enterprise data storage solution provider, today announced that Xsigo has been validated by VeriStor as a “VeriStor Certified Product.” Solutions validated by VeriStor demonstrate exceptional characteristics in terms of technology differentiation, company stability and customer support along with low acquisition and operating costs for a rapid return on investment.

“I/O Virtualization represents the next major step in the evolution of the data center, and towards the industry’s vision of a fully virtualized computing environment,” said Steve Bishop, CTO, VeriStor. “The cost, management, and efficiency/flexibility benefits our customers are recognizing through this technology are extraordinary. Xsigo offers these benefits in a solution that can be easily and cost-effectively deployed today, leveraging existing server, storage, and network components and established industry-standard protocols.”

“We are pleased to add Xsigo to our VeriStor Certified Technology Partner Program as a vendor with solutions that have been optimized to meet our customers’ business requirements, not just their technology challenges,” said Ashby Lincoln, VeriStor’s President and CEO. “Xsigo has met our stringent criteria for high performance, reliability and value in enterprise-class implementations and we are pleased to name it among our list of VeriStor Certified Products.”

Xsigo’s flagship product, the Xsigo I/O Director, is purpose-built to deliver dynamic connectivity, allowing data center users to connect any server to any network or storage device in seconds, without the restrictions of I/O cards, cables, and switch ports. Benefits of the solution include:

  • Dynamically configures storage and network connectivity to any server in real-time
  • Eliminates 70% of the cards, cables and switch ports
  • Reduces I/O capital costs by 50%
  • Accelerates connectivity management, completing tasks in seconds rather than hours or days
Xsigo virtual I/O also eliminates performance bottlenecks with dynamic bandwidth allocation that delivers performance on-demand to I/O connections over a high-speed 20Gbs fabric. Embedded quality-of-service features enhance application performance by reducing the risk of I/O resource contention.

“Customers need solutions that optimally combine server, storage, and I/O virtualization technologies to gain the greatest benefit from each,” said Erik Hardy, Xsigo’s vice president of worldwide field operations. “Because VeriStor addresses its clients’ needs with a 100% focus on enterprise data storage and virtualization, they are exceptionally positioned to help our mutual customers create high-value solutions that meet their most demanding business requirements.”