Endpoint Security

Isolate users and data from fast-moving threats

IT security threats increase every day as cybercriminals continuously develop new ransomware, malware and phishing techniques. For today’s businesses, keeping-up is more than a full-time job and often a losing battle. The bad guy is often well funded and extremely resourceful.

Veristor answers the challenge with cutting-edge data and endpoint protection. We offer a full suite of multi-functional solutions that help businesses remain one step ahead of the risks that threaten data in the data center, the cloud, on your network, at rest or in transit.

I have a traditional enterprise antivirus software running, am I protected?

Today’s more advanced threats have moved well beyond the traditional AV systems. Businesses need a solution that has advanced protection that includes machine learning and behavioral analysis, along with global threat intelligence that can be used to identify unknown threats. Advanced endpoint solutions can also provide data loss prevention, application white listing and control, as well as encryption.

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How can I ensure endpoint security ?

Many organizations find it impossible to determine how many devices are connected to their networks. They also find it hard to know what end users are doing on those devices. The foundation of a good security program begins with identifying all the assets on the network, who is using them and how they are used. IT tools can help you ensure endpoint security by identifying assets owned by your company and responding to endpoint threats in real-time.

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How can I manage the configurations of all our endpoints efficiently?

IT needs to know how all devices are configured and which applications reside on them because most vulnerabilities exist within applications installed on endpoints. If application sprawl has occurred, and if devices are not centrally managed, it’s difficult to secure and keep them up-to-date. Endpoint security is a centralized configuration management solution designed for the environment, where IT can make sure all endpoints are configured according to corporate standards, which should be based on industry standards. At the same time, IT can eliminate the complexity of managing multiple configurations.

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Can I also increase our ability to manage what end users can do on endpoint devices?

If you are not managing configurations centrally, you introduce unnecessary risk into your environment that can’t be controlled and can’t be secured. Your IT team will be wrapped up in fighting fires as your end users will run into issues daily. In addition to improving your ability to manage devices, configuration management also helps you control end-user activities and increase security levels. IT can restrict the software that’s installed on devices and specify which users have access to each device and their access to applications by defining specific user groups. This combination significantly reduces the attack surface on devices.

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Veristor Solutions Powered by Industry-Leading Technology

  • Configuration Management

    Applies centralized support for all endpoints to ensure they are configured according to corporate and industry standards while also eliminating the complexity of managing multiple configurations.

  • Threat Avoidance

    Trains end users on how to identify and cope with attacks by outsiders and insiders.

  • Antimalware

    Protects against breaches caused by various types of malware—viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware and adware.

  • Email Security

    Secures the access to and the content of all email accounts, addresses and services as well as data contained within emails while at rest and in transit.

  • Secure Code Analysis

    Uses static and dynamic code analysis to ensure custom applications remain secure throughout the application lifecycle—development, test and production.

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