Integrating DevOps for Faster Innovation

Customers and end users expect applications to perform consistently, and they demand continual
improvements. A common barrier many businesses face in trying to address these challenges are the disparate, isolated systems
that exist within and across development and operations teams. But if an application is delayed in going into production, or stops
working after deployment, the business sacrifices opportunities.

Veristor solutions enable you to implement an agile and DevOps culture and best practices so you can accelerate application deployments and maintain system performance. With a cross-functional DevOps team working in close collaboration—delivering speed, functionality, and innovation—the net result is that your business gets more done, better and faster. And as you automate and orchestrate the software development lifecycle, you can position the business to outpace the competition and seize market opportunities.


We identify both the cultural changes necessary for a transformation as well as the technical solutions required to successfully implement DevOps. With shared knowledge across all your development and operations teams, you can enhance application performance while empowering end users to capitalize on market opportunities, and ultimately propel the business forward.


DevOps Toolchain

For businesses that have already deployed a DevOps process, Veristor Toolchain solutions help you identify and deploy the right combination of orchestration and automation tools to enhance workflows. We leverage our development and infrastructure experience to customize an approach that yields continuous delivery of new applications and services so you gain a competitive edge.


Deploy and sharpen DevOps processes to accelerate application delivery and maintain system performance.