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In today’s agile, DevOps-driven application environment, speed is everything – so data center networks must not only be able to immediately respond to changing needs, they also play a key role in driving the business forward. Unfortunately, many infrastructure teams have not been able to keep up with these demands. As a result, users turn to the cloud to do their jobs faster, which creates a new set of challenges for administrators and security teams. Additionally, the growing adoption of containerized software keeps IT in the dark about the demands on the physical networks.

Together with you, Veristor can develop an optimized, agile data center network that delivers all the efficiency, speed, security and responsiveness you need.

How can I empower my infrastructure teams to keep up with the needs of my development organization?

With the introduction of software-defined infrastructure, IT can readily embrace rapid provisioning efforts using physical hardware that can be managed by orchestration and automation tools. A highly flexible, software-defined network also allows them to define services automatically, at speeds that can help propel the business forward.

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How do I overcome the technical hurdles that agile development methodology and DevOps present to my infrastructure via containerization?

The work of development teams tends to require a vast number of virtual machines (VMs), and these teams have come to use containers to maximize instances quickly, without including their IT counterparts. In order to keep up, IT teams need a more responsive infrastructure and flexible tools so they can better support multi-tenancy, regain control and maintain visibility over their networks.

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How can we ensure that IT maintains control over the provisioning of containerized virtual machines?

With the adoption of container service tools, development teams can now create, deploy and run applications without requiring infrastructure changes. However, this can leave IT without a clear understanding of what is taking place on the network. Container integration with the infrastructure is necessary for IT to have the visibility it needs to manage these types of solutions. Integration between the hardware and software overlay products will provide a clear picture of how the physical hardware is interacting with the virtual infrastructure.

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What is multi-tenancy as it relates to the data center?

Multi-tenancy is often a critical first step towards broader IT cloud adoption. The multi-tenant data center architecture yields a virtualized end-to-end system suitable for deployment in public, private and hybrid cloud models. It encompasses the wide area network (WAN), multiple “customer” data centers and development’s own localized resources.

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What are containers and what are the benefits of containerization?

Containers are a means of rapidly packaging applications for easy deployment, enabling further automation in DevOps-enabled environments. However, since data center architectures were not specifically designed to support containerized environments, container instances can quickly spin out of control. To be able to monitor and manage the use of containers, IT needs an enhanced management framework which integrates with the container software to provide insight into application traffic and security.

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  • Cloud Network Infrastructure

    Deploy high-performance, software-defined networks in support of data center and cloud-based storage and computing environments. Our portfolio includes innovations from Arista, VMWare, Dell and other market-leading vendors.

  • Next-Generation and Virtualized Firewalls

    Leverage granular security that’s built for virtualization and can be deployed in a range of public and private cloud computing environments. Our portfolio includes innovations from Palo Alto, Fortinet and other market-leading vendors.

  • Data Center Assessment

    We can help you identify your organization’s data center challenges and needs with a comprehensive review of the people, processes and technologies that are currently in place.

  • Data Center Roadmap

    We can help you establish an architecture to guide the evolution of your data center in a way that supports your business objectives and begins with the highest impact technology moves.

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