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Hyperconvergence is next-generation, software-defined infrastructure technology that combines storage, compute, virtualization, and networking capabilities all into one appliance. With hyperconvergence, commodity servers provide building blocks of computing power – an efficient and flexible means to deploy clusters of highly available hardware. This infrastructure can be managed from anywhere, offering ease of setup, streamlined management, and overall simplicity for those looking for the ultimate in ease of use and administration.

Veristor’s consultative approach allows us first to determine if a hyperconverged infrastructure is right for you, then work together with you to choose and deploy the right hyperconverged solution.


Converged Infrastructure

For businesses looking to boost the efficiency and flexibility of their IT resource pool, converged infrastructures offer a cost-effective option. Converged infrastructure helps IT teams break the siloes of compute, networking, storage, and IT administration so they can deploy resources faster, operate more simply, and speed up time to value. We can help guide you to a successful converged infrastructure that delivers:

  • Streamlined day-to-day maintenance
  • Fast, scalable storage
  • Increased IT responsiveness to the business

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

When businesses require maximum performance, scalability, and agility from their IT infrastructure, hyperconverged platforms are a great choice. These software-defined systems bring storage and compute together into a single solution, helping to make the IT stack not only more compact and efficient, but faster, more responsive, and easier to manage than ever before. We can help you design and deploy a hyperconverged solution that delivers:

  • Cloud-like agility and economics
  • Serious operational efficiency gains
  • Built-in redundancy and data protection

Infrastructure as Code

For development teams who are tasked with supporting an increasingly diverse set of workloads, and meeting requirements around aggressive development cycles, speed is key. Infrastructure as code, a key feature of composable infrastructure solutions, enables compute, storage, and network fabric resources to be deployed extremely quickly, with just a single line of application code. Let us help you transform your physical data center with software-defined intelligence that enables:

  • Reliable, repeatable execution across cloud platforms
  • Better connections between IT and development teams
  • Agile support for business-critical applications

Hyperconverged Assessment and Roadmap Consulting

Hyperconverged technologies have emerged to replace hardware-defined datacenters that have become multiple silos of gear that’s overly complex and expensive. But with so many solutions available, it’s not easy to know which one will enhance your environment. We can help you identify your organization’s data center challenges and needs with a comprehensive review of the people, processes, and technologies that are currently in place. Then together, we can establish an architecture to guide your transition to hyperconverged in a way that supports your business objectives and begins with the highest impact technology moves.


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