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Modernize your enterprise storage platform

When it comes to enterprise data management, the on-premises model still prevails. No other means of storage provides the security, control and low costs depending on capacity and performance requirements. With recent advances in software-defined storage technology, companies can continue to operate with an on-premises model while experiencing a wealth of new features and benefits that come with modern storage solutions.

Veristor provides top-tier storage consulting for all your data demands. From evaluating your data center ecosystem to architecting the right solutions to meet your unique storage requirements, we can help you sift through your never-ending sea of data and determine the right tools and services to cost-effectively manage your storage.

How do I avoid vendor lock-in with on-premise server storage solutions?

Even with on-premise storage, it is important for IT to remain vendor and product agnostic. The introduction of software-defined management solutions allows for policy-based provisioning and management of data storage regardless of the underlying hardware. With these tools in place, IT can keep purchasing options flexible and costs down for those who manage IT expenditures.


My current storage platforms have reached their capacity limitations. What can I do?

This is a fairly common problem as many legacy on-premises storage solutions were not designed with long-term scalability in mind. In addition, many systems under-perform in terms of supporting legacy architectures that are still in use today. Look for highly scalable products and consider consolidating all your storage onto a software-defined, unified storage platform.


How can I consolidate all my data storage needs onto a unified storage platform?

The unification of storage platforms is one of the main reasons for the introduction of software-defined storage. The path to unified storage begins with an in-depth assessment of your data to first discover what types of data exist and then determine their requirements. Subsequently, a cost analysis can be conducted to choose the best software-defined storage solution that supports your specific data needs. With a resolution unrestricted by hardware, IT can then realize any number of useful features and benefits of multiple types of storage; all managed from a single platform.


I have outgrown the capacity or useful life of my traditional SAN. What should I do?

As legacy storage systems age, they become less cost effective and more cost prohibitive to maintain, so choosing an updated, software-defined solution can be a wise investment. Many options are available to aid in the transition from the old platform to a new platform. IT can choose multiple approaches to updating older SANs, for example, by purchasing new storage technology and establishing a hardware refresh schedule for ongoing updates. Alternatively, IT may consider leasing new hardware, building in a continuous refresh cycle into the lease terms. In either approach, ensuring that users are always working with the latest and greatest equipment should be a top priority.


Veristor Solutions Powered by Industry-Leading Technologies and Services

  • Block Storage

    Provides tried and true storage options based on the sharing of a single storage device or ‘array’ typically used in Storage Area Networks. Our portfolio includes innovations from HPE, Dell / EMC and Infinidat.

  • File Storage

    Represents typical unstructured data such as files and documents arranged within a series of nested folders. Our portfolio includes innovations from HPE, Dell / EMC, Qumulo, and Nexsan.

  • Object Storage

    Enables a ‘private cloud’ of object storage to be located from within an on-premises data center. Organizations can retain complete control while enjoying enhanced scalability, efficiency, resiliency and simplicity. Our portfolio includes innovations from Scality, SwifStack and Quantum.

  • Software-Defined Storage

    Transforms storage capabilities by allowing for policy-based provisioning and management of data storage regardless of the underlying hardware. Our portfolio includes innovations from HPE, StratoScale, VMware, Dell/EMC, and others.

  • Architecture Design Services

    Utilizes expert consulting services that range from evaluating data center ecosystems and business needs, to architecting solutions, tools and services to meet those needs.

Discover the power of modern storage solutions. Veristor’s consulting team can get you started.