Building Storage Systems for Data and Business Growth

Now more than ever, the infrastructure that your business is built on matters. Today’s data center needs to be both agile and secure so that you can respond to ever-changing requirements, drive innovation for the business and ensure the security of your data. Today’s best-in-market on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud storage technologies deliver the freedom, agility and mobility your business require.

Veristor can show you how to leverage existing infrastructure investments while taking advantage of the latest technology advances, enabling you to better control costs and manage spending. With comprehensive expertise and an end-to-end portfolio like no other, we can help you navigate today’s complex IT landscape in order to reach your business goals. From assessing where you are today, developing a roadmap to get to tomorrow and walking the journey with you, we’ll help you deploy IT solutions that provide real-world returns.

On-Premise Data Storage

With advances in software-defined storage technology, companies can enhance their on-premises storage platforms experiencing newer, more robust features, improved application speeds and the potential for lower costs. By leveraging today’s technologies, the on-premises model can offer outstanding stability, reliability and control much like the cloud – but under the watchful eye of the data center.


Hybrid Cloud Storage

The blending of traditional on-premise and cloud-based storage can achieve incredible agility along with the elasticity to grow and scale to meet the rapidly changing needs of your business. With this model, data access is prioritized around the most optimal storage medium, fully supported by a suite of on-premises, cloud and data management tools.


Your storage system the is backbone of the business. Let Veristor help you optimize it today.