Data Center Platform Solutions

Accelerating development and business operations

Data center platforms are evolving fast, and as they do, the roles of today’s development and infrastructure operations professionals are changing as well. Less time is being spent on tactical maintenance and hardware configuration, and priorities are shifting toward technologies and solutions that can help speed business innovation and reduce time to value. Data center infrastructure must provide greater levels of flexibility, speed and efficiency to support the accelerated pace of development and the transition to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. The challenge in achieving this goal is aligning cloud-like operating models with the existing infrastructures and processes already at work in the data center.

Veristor has the solutions and experience to help businesses achieve these goals with minimal disruption. We can assist in the design and deployment of dynamic data center architectures that combine best-in-class storage, networking and computing and mobility platforms with powerful automation and orchestration capabilities. Along the way, we ensure that new platforms work seamlessly with existing infrastructure, and are ready to evolve with our customers.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

Hyperconvergence brings storage, compute, virtualization and networking capabilities together into a single, software-defined solution. Leveraging common server platforms, it creates an efficient and flexible means to deploy clusters of highly available hardware that can be managed from virtually anywhere. This model makes infrastructure easy to deploy, while simplifying and streamlining management.


Composable Infrastructure Solutions

Composable infrastructure harnesses the power of software-defined technology to speed deployment, reduce provisioning times and enable innovation. By combining software-defined intelligence with a unified API that supports Infrastructure as Code, it brings compute, storage and fabric resources together into flexible resource pools that can be provisioned and managed at the speed of DevOps.


Storage and Data Protection Solutions

Data growth continues to strain the people and processes that are tasked with managing and protecting it. Storage systems have evolved to simplify operations and manage costs while supporting a wide variety of performance and availability models. Veristor offers a broad portfolio of solutions, and seamlessly integrates them for the agility, mobility and security today’s production environments demand.


Networking Solutions

Today’s highly mobile computing environments call for networks that are intelligent, adaptive and secure. They should also make it easy for businesses to embrace change without replacing equipment as they evolve. To get there, we take an integrative approach that allows organizations to take advantage of innovative technologies – without the high cost and risk inherent in lock-in approaches.


Orchestration and Automation Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business climate, business and IT leaders are seeking new ways to accelerate development and infrastructure operations – without creating complexity. By automating routine administrative tasks and deploying the right orchestration solutions, organizations can move faster, improve resiliency and make operating their technology environment simpler, more dynamic and more secure.


Mobility Solutions

Support for remote workforces and increased mobility has become a common driver of change in infrastructure design, deployment and management. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to implement a mobility management program that helps IT implement and enforce worldwide, cross-platform policies that make it fast and seamless to secure, monitor and maintain every device that accesses company data.


Support & Software Renewals

For data center and supply chain professionals, keeping track of software licenses, hardware parts replacement and technical support contracts can be challenging. A consolidated asset-tracking system can help simplify the process, alerting staff before these contracts expire to ensure that important services continue without disruption while eliminating unnecessary costs.


Your data center is ready to evolve. Let Veristor help guide you to the infrastructure of tomorrow.