“With VeriStor’s guidance, we now have more confidence in our future goals. We have a growth ready solution with a clear roadmap.” – THOMAS DONNELLY, PEOPLENET

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Atlanta, PeopleNet is the national leader in time and attendance for temporary staffing and employment agencies. With millions of users and hundreds of agencies like EmployBridge, Randstad, and Staffmark turning to PeopleNet, the company is known for fair, friendly, and forward-thinking business practices that help agencies streamline operations and build a better bottom line.


As a fast growing time and attendance management supplier, PeopleNet was seeing its transactional volume grow incrementally every year. But when transactional volume nearly doubled in less than 12 months, the company knew it was time to build more scalability into its storage infrastructure to accommodate the continued customer demands. PeopleNet’s technical environment includes:

  • 12 TB of transactional data
  • Supporting $30 million a month in payroll for its customers
  • VMware virtualized environment
“We need to support large company requirements for disaster recovery and uptime,” said Thomas Donnelly, Director of IT, PeopleNet. “In our industry, the workloads are very cyclical. Mondays are heavy processing days and we can have thousands of users coming into the system. We needed a storage architecture that could accommodate this heavy traffic without risk of downtime or system slowing.”

In addition to servicing its high transaction volumes, PeopleNet needed to reduce the price of adding each incremental employee into the system. To achieve this, they sought a virtualized storage infrastructure solution, enabling them to dynamically support data retention requirements when and where they were needed throughout the week – and even throughout the day. Finally, PeopleNet also wanted to minimize its datacenter rack space consumption while assuring that their environment had the built-in redundancy that could be relied upon for automatic failover in the event of a system outage.


PeopleNet first met VeriStor at a storage conference and learned quickly about the company’s deep industry knowledge. After sharing their needs for a scalable, virtualized storage infrastructure, PeopleNet was impressed with VeriStor’s depth of experience in the storage and virtualization market category.

“When we pick a VAR to work with, we have strict criteria,” said Donnelly. “We want a partner that sells multiple solutions and can work closely with us to evaluate and recommend the best products to meet our needs. We also like to work with partners that have very good relationships with the vendors. We find that this helps with both pricing and support.”

“VeriStor met all of our criteria and more,” continued Donnelly. “They sit on multiple vendor advisory boards and their architectural knowledge is huge. They have seen every type of situation and that can save a lot of time and heartache.”

Ultimately VeriStor recommended and deployed three Dell EqualLogic PS6100 Series storage arrays for a total storage capacity of 12 TB to support PeopleNet’s growing needs. The solution offers PeopleNet a unique upgrade-pricing model that reduces the expense of the systems over time. It also offers the innovative snapshot technology that reduces the overall capacity of the data PeopleNet stores by only storing deltas of changes rather than entire volumes.


With its VeriStor-architected storage infrastructure now in place, PeopleNet is ready for future growth with an infrastructure that’s both scalable and efficient. This helps PeopleNet reduce the incremental cost of adding each new employee into the system, while also delivering assured support for its peak operation times on Mondays.

“With VeriStor’s guidance, we now have a lot more confidence in our future goals,” said Donnelly. “We won’t ever have to forklift anything to gain more capacity. Now we can just incrementally scale without major upgrades or cost. It’s a growth-ready solution with a clear roadmap.”

Next on PeopleNet’s list is to build a stronger disaster recovery solution with an identical environment at a disaster recovery location. Ultimately, the company wants to reduce its recovery time objective by up to 50 percent.

“We know that VeriStor will make our disaster recovery goals a reality,” concluded Donnelly. “Their expertise in this area is second to none.”