“With VeriStor, we have a comfort level with our environment that we’ve never had before. It gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing that our inventory and business data is always available and can be recovered in a snap.” – BRANDON ENSLEY, HALPERNS’ STEAK & SEAFOOD


The tradition of Halperns’ began in 1966 when Howard Halpern arrived in Atlanta to start his own perishable food distribution business. With a talent for anticipating industry needs, he became one of the first in the country to distribute boxed beef. Later, in 1983, the Halpern family started a meat distribution company that revolutionized the industry. Halperns’ Steak & Seafood today operates throughout the eastern and southeastern U.S. providing custom cut meat and fresh and frozen seafood to some of the country’s most prestigious restaurants, hotels, resorts, steakhouses, casinos, and country clubs. The company employs more than 300 people in three locations including Atlanta, New Jersey, and Pompano, Florida.


Operating three growing locations from its central datacenter in Atlanta has the IT staff at Halperns’ exceptionally busy. The company’s business operations are centralized around its mission-critical inventory system, which is used to carefully manage its perishable meat products to assure the exceptional quality and freshness the company is known so well for. Recently, Halperns’ virtualized its computing infrastructure to optimize its server resources and to assure high performance and scalability. Its next challenge was to ensure that its vital inventory data was seamlessly protected so that they could be prepared in the event of any type of data failure – from a server outage to a natural disaster.

Initially, Halperns’ invested in separate infrastructure hardware for disaster recovery (DR). This infrastructure was managed by the company’s IT team and located at an offsite co-location facility, allowing them to replicate their data offsite. However, the Halperns’ IT team quickly discovered that having an offsite disaster recovery solution required more time and resources than they could support. Halperns’ technical environment includes:

  • 15 TB of stored data
  • VMware Virtual Infrastructure
  • VeriStor Cloud Continuity
  • VeriStor First Call Support
“Even though we were replicating to the disaster recovery site, we didn’t have time to test to ensure that it was working,” said Brandon Ensley of Halperns’ Steak & Seafood. “Before we invested too much time and cost, we decided to opt for another solution. That’s when VeriStor introduced us to its cloud-based replication and recovery solution.”


VeriStor had recently worked with Halperns’ to architect its virtual infrastructure with great success. Following a detailed ‘whiteboard’ session with the VeriStor virtualization and cloud services team, Halperns’ quickly saw great value in the VeriStor Cloud Continuity service. It was turnkey, monitored 24 x 7 by expert VeriStor staff, and offered a cost-efficient pricing structure that would also enable the meat distributor to re-deploy the hardware resources it had installed in its co-location facility. Without delay, VeriStor was able to implement its Cloud Continuity service for Halperns’ environment. The meat distributor is now replicating nearly 15TB of data, including its inventory system and all other business applications. As the company grows, the VeriStor cloud environment can easily scale with them without ‘fork lifting’ any of the infrastructure to meet additional storage requirements.

“With VeriStor, I always have the confidence in knowing that what they recommend is just what our business needs,” said Ensley. “They listened closely to understand our business and made recommendations based on our requirements, not based on what they wanted to sell. And, because they are a one-stop-shop, they are also my single point of contact if I ever need anything. It’s like they are an extension of our IT organization.”


With the VeriStor Cloud Continuity Service in place, Halperns’ is now able to achieve a two-hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for their entire infrastructure. This includes business critical systems such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory, and, most importantly, their inventory tracking system. The service has also allowed them to take the infrastructure they initially invested in for DR and re-deploy it to their primary site to support additional production growth. What is even more valuable to Halperns’ is that VeriStor manages the cloud infrastructure for them, so that the IT team can focus on other strategic business projects. In addition, the Halperns’ team never has to worry about testing the reliability of its replications – VeriStor does it all for them.

“Having VeriStor manage the replication and keep an eye on it was a big time saver for us,” added Ensley. “From the minute it was set up, it’s been rock solid. With VeriStor, we have a comfort level with our environment that we’ve never had before. It gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing that our inventory and business data is always available and can be recovered in a snap.”