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Value is derived from the use of IT equipment, not the ownership of it. However, the traditional approach to obtaining new technology is to purchase it, use it and replace it without an integrated strategy. During that cycle, costs can skyrocket quickly due to ongoing maintenance, declining productivity and the exposure to evolving security threats. When that happens, your total cost of ownership (TCO) increases.

Businesses today need alternatives when it comes to their acquisition of data center, security, networking, hybrid cloud, and big data technologies. Veristor Capital offers financing options that deliver more operating elasticity with less risk, putting valuable new technology into your hands when you need it, at a lower TCO.

I know that some of my vendors offer IT equipment financing, but how do I better understand my options?

Many IT equipment manufacturers offer some type of equipment financing, but their offerings are rarely customized to the needs of individual businesses. Look for companies that can get more granular with the financing terms to better suit your particular technology needs. Consider a financing agreement that is structured to meet your specific business objectives with flexible payment terms that are custom-fit to your budget.

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Even if I had the ability to acquire new IT equipment, how would I remove my old equipment?

With IT teams already stretched thin, they have little time for the decommissioning of old equipment. By choosing a financing team with deep equipment knowledge and exclusive access to secondary markets, you can ensure an easy return of your old technology that also maximizes the value of its sale. A financing option that handles old equipment can save valuable time and free up IT to focus on mission-critical operations.

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What if I need new IT equipment now, but I don’t have the budget until next year?

Given the rapid rate of technology obsolescence, financing enables you to be proactive with your business needs. You can get the equipment you need today and immediately start leveraging its value instead of waiting until it’s in the budget and being late to market. With 100% financing, you can keep the cash for revenue-generating activities and still be able to deploy the new technology immediately, all while lowering your total cost of ownership. You’ll also avoid equipment obsolescence, ensuring your mission-critical applications continue to run at peak efficiencies.

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How do I establish a regular refresh cycle when it’s not in the budget?

Your people need the best equipment to do their jobs efficiently and securely to keep up with the pace of business. It’s counterproductive to have them working with new applications and advanced security while they are bogged down by slow PCs, servers and networking gear. Put simply, outdated equipment holds the business back. Financing enables you to implement various refresh cycles for different pieces of equipment at the lowest TCO, so you can enable your people to drive a successful business.

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Why should I increase our IT expenses if our current networking equipment still works?

With a skills shortage plaguing the industry, it’s essential to protect your investment in human assets. As innovation leaders, your employees need the most current technology to best support their mission because they can only be as fast, nimble and responsive as the slowest component in the network. Financing gets technology working for your business faster, helping you stay ahead in a fast moving market. It doesn’t matter if you have the best talent in the world if you don’t empower them with the tools they need in today’s competitive landscape.

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The Veristor Capital Advantage Powered by Industry-Leading Expertise

  • Operating and Capital Leases

    Offers several options at the end of the lease term such as purchasing the equipment for its fair market value, continuing to lease the equipment based on its fair market value, owning the equipment at a nominal buyout or returning the equipment.

  • Procurement Line Agreement

    Drastically cuts number of invoices, administrative work and valuable time by allowing customers to order equipment, software and services from the vendors of their choice, and receive one invoice from Veristor Capital for simpler payments.

  • Project Financing

    Reduces TCO by delaying lease payments until after the IT project is complete so there is no impact to the budget before the new technology has started yielding benefits.

  • Software & Services Financing

    Reinvents the process of funding software implementation projects so customers can maintain a steady cash flow while recognizing the benefits much earlier in the process. Enabling customers to best maximize ROI, Veristor Capital offers installment payment agreements, technology investment protection and deferred payment plans.

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