In today’s fasted paced world, people simply expect their applications and data to be available anywhere at any time. Data needs to be mobile and applications need to move with that data. While applications may be easier to move, it can be a harder task to transport the data behind them. This is where the evolution of hybrid cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure can make an impact. With a hybrid cloud infrastructure, you have the management flexibility to run an application from anywhere.

There is a generational shift beginning to take place between traditional IT and IT of tomorrow. Users expect cloud services to be there, with data and applications at the ready. Hybrid cloud technology can provide a balance when it comes to supporting legacy applications and finding a migration path to cloud or DevOps. We see a trend where data is created at the Edge (small datacenters and field deployed analytics) and then brought centrally for further analysis and correlation.  Listen to this podcast with Veristor and NetApp Experts:


A huge feedback loop is developing at the edge. Companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, and some are even moving it back on-premise. Through this cycle, data availability is becoming increasingly important. Market trends are seeing a move towards data storage becoming a readily accessible anywhere and it is important for customers to see that hybrid cloud infrastructure will be a key factor is this transition.

At the center of this transition should be a service provider that understands these dynamics and can provide expert guidance as you scale out – supporting seamless integration, while keeping and improving performance. With the right team behind you, you will get the best use out of all hybrid cloud and HCI features for the evolved data center you, and your users, require.