Consider the Value of Integrated Storage Management that Sets Up in Minutes

Traditionally, storage administration can be complex and tedious. Add to that the need for greater storage resiliency, performance and agility for your business-critical workloads and you have a mounting data management challenge.

To be more competitive, and unlock innovation, you need a more intelligent approach to storage for your mission-critical applications. A solution that can help you overcome provisioning, troubleshooting and infrastructure support challenges so that you’re no longer sacrificing resiliency for agility.

There is a new generation of enterprise storage that can free you to accelerate what’s next. One that can manage itself, predict and prevent disruptions and deliver ultra-low latency for every application: HPE Primera.

Consider these advantages for your mission-critical applications:

  • Global Intelligence – It predicts and prevents disruptions to help optimize performance in real time
  • Services-Centric OS – It’s unique OS for high-end storage reduces risk and simplifies management
  • All-Active Architecture – It delivers nonstop availability and low latency for fast performance at scale
  • Timeless Storage – It’s backed by a unique ownership experience that offers unending value
  • Radical Simplicity – It can reduce the time spent deploying, managing and scaling storage by up to 93%
  • As-a-Service Consumption – It enables consumption on your terms, so you can be your own service provider
  • Composable System – It supports faster and smarter development of apps with infrastructure as code
  • 100% Availability Guarantee – It ensures no disruptions with app-aware resiliency across all models
  • Extreme Scalability – It’s multimode with transparent upgrades
  • Hybrid Cloud Mobility – It will extend app aware data protection to the cloud

So, if you’re tired of sacrificing resiliency for agility and need a new solution to keep up the demands of your mission-critical applications, it may be time to consider the value of HPE Primera. Review this eBook to learn more.