Aligning Modern Technology with Compliance Needs – Video Series #2

Limited staffing and even tighter budgets are driving enterprises of all sizes, from SMBs to larger organizations, to look at managed and as-a-service solutions to improve data security and satisfy compliance demands. During Veristor’s Cybersecurity Tech Summit security innovators sketched out economically viable solutions for enterprises wishing to avoid adding costly staff while still complying with a growing list of regulations.

The idea of ‘concierge security’ is taking hold as enterprises engage outsourced professionals to perform a variety of security monitoring, detection and reporting services. Our partners are helping enterprises use the cloud to perform Security Operations Center (SOC) practices, without high costs, and to move away from ineffective legacy frameworks into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models that offer efficiency and improved reporting.

In the following videos, Chris Andronica of Arctic Wolf and Armistead Whitney of Apptega explain how the as-a-service model is giving enterprises more peace of mind in security event management and in controlling the onslaught of management and reporting requirements brought on by data security and privacy regulations.

Arctic Wolf delivers a SOC, hosted via AWS, that gives small-to-mid sized organizations the complete package: 24 x 7 visibility into security events, and managed detection and incident response, all supported by a concierge security team. The company saw the need for SMB organizations basically to have a highly secure risk defense system in place without adding OPEX at a 5-8 times factor. An affordable, subscription-based model provided the answer.

A trend Arctic Wolf is seeing is more pressure from the supply chain, as their clients want to make sure their data remains safe throughout the workflow processes. Customers are therefore engaging with Arctic Wolf to alleviate these supply chain concerns.

Apptega zeroed in on enterprises’ need to find a sane, manageable method of dealing with increasing compliance pressures. What Apptega found is companies attempting to do this with the 1985 legacy Excel spreadsheet program. The company developed a SaaS software solution that ingenuously enables companies to combine SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA and other frameworks into one reporting structure. It makes a CIO’s job so much easier by being able to walk into a boardroom with reports created with just one click.

Like Arctic Wolf, Apptega realizes the future lies in as-a-service solutions as enterprises continue to struggle with the parallel challenges of compliance regulations and threat prevention.