Murray Granger
EVP of Sales & Business Development

Analysts call it the “consumerization of IT.” It’s about a revolution in consumer-driven technologies – from mobile cloud and LOB productivity apps to social media, BYOD and the Internet of Things. And it’s only just begun.

Rising User Expectations

Based on their user experiences as consumers, employees have high expectations for better, faster business apps and IT services. But the introduction of new technologies is simultaneously adding complexity to data center management, putting a strain on the IT workforce while requiring more time and resources, specialized skills and manual workarounds.

The Unacceptable Burden of Legacy IT

This infrastructure chaos and complexity didn’t happen overnight. Most infrastructures are built and integrated piecemeal, creating functional silos that slow data access and deployment.

Many of the processes and systems were designed to perform business-critical functions and are still efficient and necessary. Others, unfortunately, have outlived their intended purpose and are not only consuming precious server assets but have become obstacles to productivity and competitiveness by:

  • Impacting infrastructure responsiveness, performance and reliability
  • Impeding data access, searches, sharing and reuse
  • Increasing monitoring and administration overhead
  • Creating barriers to applying enterprise standards and compliance
  • Slowing development of productivity and mobile applications

As an IT leader, you need to optimize your infrastructure for service delivery and cost efficiency, but first you’ll need to assess which technologies to keep and which to replace.

Hybrid IT: The Right Mix at the Right Time

A hybrid infrastructure—one that combines public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT—can put you back in the driver’s seat. With seamless integration and simplified administration of all your technology assets, your team can:

  • Deliver faster IT services that boost revenue while reducing costs and complexity.
  • Leverage a scalable IT environment that is agile, responsive and easy to manage.
  • Develop a future-proof strategy for cloud-ready IT and innovations like hyper-converged and composable IT.

Gain the Hybrid IT Advantage

Only hybrid infrastructures can scale and provision services at the speed of digital business while preserving and extending your technology ROI. And only Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VeriStor, an HPE Platinum Partner, can provide the services, solutions and expertise you need to implement the right hybrid IT environment for your enterprise.

Gain a hybrid cloud advantage. Contact VeriStor for a complementary assessment today.