In today’s ever-changing environment, data protection must also evolve to keep pace. Gone are the days when Disaster Recovery Plans were only in place to ensure business availability in the event of a low-probability threat. Now businesses face a high probability of disruptive threats, regardless of geography or industry. From cyberattacks and pandemics to supply chain disruption, a new role for data protection as a frontline function has emerged. The result? Modern data protection is now becoming more about incident response, than disaster recovery.

New methods must be implemented during these changing times when it comes to recovery scenarios, delivery models and even new requirements for platforms and technologies. Data protection has evolved from backups to protect data assets, to data replication and to now advancing to continuous data protection during this mobile workforce era. Data protection is now at the core of IT resilience which takes everything learned from the past and implements new application architectures, virtualization requirements and multi-cloud platforms, both public and private.

Listen to this podcast, Rethinking Data Protection for Modern Day Threats, to learn more:

IT resilience is the evolution and convergence of disaster recovery, backup and the hybrid cloud model that provides continuous data protection. The strategy is built upon three areas:

  • Continuous availability
  • Workload mobility
  • Multi-cloud agility

As a result, IT data protection has the ability to adapt to change seamlessly while protecting from all kinds of disasters and disruptions. Adding to this is advanced orchestration and automation technology which enables recovery with long-term retention across all hybrid, multi-cloud platforms. As a customer, you can monitor the type of disruption, planned or unplanned and mitigate the risk of downtime.

This model of IT resilience can deliver impressive ROI and business continuity. For even more savings, consider the value of moving DR solutions to a public cloud. Learn more about data protection for modern day threats in this podcast.