As data volumes increase, the storage speed of all-flash is a must for optimization and efficiency. However, how can you optimize your TCO, reduce cost and minimize your storage footprint? There is a way to store more data is less space. Let’s take a look at HPE Nimble storage.

HPE Nimble storage flash and all-flash arrays are based around predictive analytics that can protect your entire infrastructure, all while delivering the best all-flash capacity per TB in the industry. Algorithms pack more data into each raw terabyte, in turn, using less capacity. In-line compression algorithms switch dynamically, shrinking the flash footprint and maximizing performance capabilities.

Capacity is further increased by deduping and compressing blocks that are write-optimized and sequenced to storage data. This sequence creates efficient raw-to-effective storage ratios. Volume sizes are consistently adjusted to prevent wasting capacity. Check out this infographic to learn more:

Zero-pattern elimination is also applied to automatically free up empty storage blocks to improve database performance. Is data recall a concern? All-flash storage also provides total data recall with up to 1,000 snapshots per volume, with almost limitless recall capabilities and zero need to manage space for snapshot data.

Data cloning can be done fast and efficiently, too, with all-flash arrays. Zero-copy clones are available without a limit when used for development copies and for reporting instances.

With Veristor and HPE Nimble flash technology, the opportunity for increased optimization and efficiency cannot be ignored. Boosted performance with enterprise applications, improved customer interaction, accelerated product development, along with reduced total cost of ownership make all-flash storage the answer. Learn more here.