Data breaches in the healthcare industry have been on the rise in recent years. Attackers are looking at new ways to infiltrate perimeters to seize and extort sensitive information on large scales. Inside leaks and human error are also contributing to this upward trend. Part of the problem is simply that it’s becoming easier for attackers to turn a quick buck. Ransomware is now an established favorite method of attack with tools such as ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) that allow even inexperienced attackers to choose from a selection of ready-made variants to wreak havoc on organizations.

With stringent HIPAA regulations, the impact of such breaches can be catastrophic to a healthcare institution. When electronic medical records are stolen, sensitive patient information is at risk of being sold on the darknet to cyber criminals looking to steal identities. This is why most healthcare institutions end up paying to get the information back—and the bad guys are banking on it.

Understanding Healthcare Attack Vectors

It isn’t always the attacks from outside that organizations need to worry about. Leaked and accidentally published data account for 16.2% of data breaches which can be equally as costly as paying a ransom. This is often caused by inexperienced or undertrained employees who unknowingly handle data in an insecure manner.

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To combat attackers and plug security gaps, it is important to understand a healthcare organization’s attack vectors, the impact of a breach and how to mitigate threats. It takes knowledge of the threat landscape and a thorough assessment of the organization’s security posture in order to identify security weaknesses and prevent data breaches.

As Protenus, Inc. Cofounder and President, Robert Lord noted, “Healthcare executives, at a fundamental level, should stop thinking about security and privacy as a cost center and more as a strategic pillar of their organization.”

To help paint a picture of the current cybersecurity climate in the healthcare industry, we put together some illuminating figures that may surprise you. To learn more about defending your organization from cyber threats read this webpage and scheduling a consult with one of our experts.

Veristor - DataBreachesInHealthcare - infographic - 010618


Veristor – DataBreachesInHealthcare – infographic – 010618