Proactive Data Protection, Backup and DR Strategies Make it Complete

Security spending worldwide this year is expected to reach $124 billion, an 8.7% increase from last year and outpacing the growth of general IT spending, according to Gartner. Privacy concerns (including GDPR), digital transformation, and managed services are key drivers, Gartner says.  While organizations pivot towards newer concerns like GDPR, Veristor believes endpoint security needs to stay top of mind when planning for proactive data protection and backup measures.

Published industry discussions mention endpoint security moving to a detection and response model. While threat response is of course critical, it is one part of what must be a thorough data protection strategy. At Veristor we work with a great ecosystem of security partners helping customers ensure they have a complete protection program in place, that includes threat avoidance, email security, antimalware, backup and Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Protecting a Diverse Environment

Endpoint security continues to be a challenge. As the number of endpoint devices proliferate, companies are faced with figuring out how best to deliver a secure endpoint in a culture that promotes being able to use whatever device you want, when and where you want. To support this diverse environment, all endpoint protection mechanisms should strive for self service. Every endpoint owner wants to be able to self manage, self secure, and self restore, and requiring them to go through a full ticketing process and help desk just to access a file is counter-intuitive, and counter-productive.

Adding to the complexity is the growth of cloud computing and evaluating whether a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud is optimum for disaster recovery and backup of endpoints. Private clouds have the benefit of ownership but for smaller teams, adds to the management burden. Public clouds may appear great on paper because it appears to be someone else’s problem, but the ownership and responsibility is still in the hands of the data owner. Hybrid clouds, however, can be the best of both worlds. An organization can move workloads to SaaS applications or IaaS platforms that allow for it, but keep the critical business IP close to the chest, and available if anything goes wrong. Veristor supports cloud-based data protection by working with our partners to offer Backup as a Service (BaaS) a comprehensive backup and recovery solution, ideal for a hybrid cloud environment.

Data protection at the endpoint is evolving past traditional methods like antivirus software. AV solutions are no longer effective in today’s environment of phishing and other threats that flourish at the endpoint. Veristor and its partners, representing the industry’s best cloud, security and endpoint protection providers, helps customers safely move from a legacy, on premise structure relying on AV solutions, to an advanced endpoint protection that covers all the bases – device security regardless of device type, hybrid cloud managed service support, backup and recovery.

Endpoint security threats are a moving target. There are constantly new threats emerging. The solution is complete endpoint protection for the enterprise, integrating proactive threat avoidance, cloud-based backup and recovery and on-premise protection. Contact us to map out and deploy a client-aligned, customized endpoint protection plan.