There are a startling 2.93 million open cybersecurity positions around the globe, according to (ISC)², and the problem is getting worse. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) estimates 53% of organizations report a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills, up from 42% just three years ago. As the scale of breaches escalates and sensitive data is stolen or critical systems are brought down, enterprises are having to take a much closer look at the insufficient talent pool available to help prevent these breaches. It’s a critical issue, one Veristor will be exploring at its Cybersecurity Tech Summit: Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap, April 25th.

We all know that the risk and associated cost is high. Companies are clamoring to source cybersecurity talent to prevent, detect, and remediate costly security breaches. The Ponemon Institute reports that the global average data breach costs companies $3.86 million, and a large-scale breach can cost as much as $350 million.

So, if cybersecurity is one of the biggest needs in any organization, why aren’t candidates flocking to take these available jobs, with the belief they should come with a desirable hiring or contract package?  The answers start in the classroom. A Raytheon survey found 62% of students from 12 countries said cybersecurity was never on their radar: it was not a career path suggested by advisors or teachers.  While doctors, engineers and teachers have long-established career trajectories, none has really existed for cybersecurity workers. Adding to the complexity is that today’s cybersecurity climate demands a more advanced skill set. The potential attack surfaces are now a diverse mix of on premise, physical, virtual and hybrid cloud environments.

Encouraging students to consider cybersecurity as a profession is a good start in closing the talent shortage. At the Veristor Cybersecurity summit we will be hearing from cybersecurity professionals about how they are combatting the talent gap – right now– with automation, efficiency and enhancement. They will share practices in automating certain security activities and workflows with the goal of focusing more on higher value work. Also on the agenda is a look at the threat landscape from the experts who are in the trenches responding to breaches of all shapes and sizes every day. You’ll learn how the adversaries and their tactics are changing and what you need to be doing to combat the latest threats.

In North America alone, there is an estimated 500,000 open cybersecurity jobs. Until the supply and demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals begins to equalize, we must do everything we can to get the most out of our processes and technology. Join us April 25that the Veristor offices.

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