Top Ways Cyber Insurance Can Help

When it comes to business insurance, it’s likely that you’ve not given cyber insurance much thought.  However, as security professionals caution, it is not a question of if a company will be cyber attacked, but when.

Organizations need to take the ‘when’ approach to an attack and consider the purchase of cyber insurance.  While it’s possible to add this coverage on to a general liability policy, it is advisable to consider a cyber insurance specialist who is adept at covering the risk factors associated with breaches.

Cyber insurance can help companies rebound from a data breach or attack by enabling quick response to a business interruption. It’s critical to a company’s viability to assure customers the breach is being handled and their data privacy is a top priority.

Against this background of cyberattacks, and insurance industry shifts in coverage, Veristor suggests asking the questions in this infographic when selecting cyber insurance:

To be effective in mitigating risk, and in recovering expenses should a threat be successful, enterprises will be well-served by having a tightly integrated cybersecurity strategy that includes up-to-date information and protocols relating to cyber insurance.

Veristor, in concert with several dozen key security technology partners, can help enterprises execute an advanced effective, cybersecurity strategy, thereby positioning enterprises to be more effective in seeking and obtaining competitive cyber insurance. Read more about the top considerations for selecting cyber insurance in this paper.