Cybersecurity Best Practices from the Experts – Video Series 1 & 2

Recently, Veristor hosted six cybersecurity industry experts during its Tech Summit Series: A C-Level Approach to Tackling Enterprise Security Challenges. Among the topics discussed were the impact of cybersecurity on brand trust and how to build a cybersecurity framework for comprehensive protection.

Hear from the expert presenters in this video series as they discuss some of the most pertinent best practices required to defend against the threat of today’s malicious actors.

In the following video, Tom Kellermann, CEO, Strategic Cyber Ventures outlines why cybersecurity investments beget brand protection. He identifies that any technological due diligence must include the complete information supply chain – including anyone that sends information on behalf of the company or into the company’s infrastructure such as marketing firms and legal counsel. He also shares that it should be assumed that malicious actors will break through your perimeter but that decreasing the dwell time of those threats should be how you evaluate your cybersecurity return on investment strategy.


In this video, Ed Cabrera, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Trend Micro covers the increasing capacity of the cybersecurity criminal underground and why the attacks we’re seeing are more capable and global than ever. He also outlines why companies need to both understand the threats and the vulnerabilities they have and build a strategic security framework that looks top down so that all aspects of vulnerability are addressed.


Interested in more expert perspectives on how to tackle enterprise security challenges? Join Veristor on Tuesday, October 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for its next Cybersecurity Tech Summit, Nashville. Hear from experts JD Sherry, Chief Revenue Officer, Remediant; TJ Bean, Director Cybersecurity, Hospital Corporation of America; Jackie Groark, Director Security/CISO, Veristor; and Michael Walter, Director Information Security, Protivity.

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