When it comes to the moving to the public cloud, there are a lot of considerations. From the soft costs related to staffing and management to the hard costs such as storage capacity.

“Everybody talks about going to the cloud, and they just think it’s just one thing. But, they may be missing opportunities of reducing costs and increasing efficiencies by outsourcing their cloud strategy to an expert. When you look to an expert managed services provider like Veristor, we’ll do all the care and feeding for you. We do the upgrades, patching and hardware enhancements on our own maintenance and repair schedule so you don’t have to take on that cost,” said Michael Stolarczyk, vice president of cloud managed services at Veristor.

“We remain focused on how to help companies be resilient, how to ensure continuity, and how to support a robust business, even through acts of God, security hacks and power outages. It’s our job to ensure that our customers have a great journey as they move to cloud-based services.”

This is among the comments included in the recent Forbes Books Radio interview with Stolarczyk as he covers key advantages of working with Veristor for cloud managed services. Listen here.

The interview covers some of the unique ways that Veristor enhances the cloud strategies for today’s enterprises. Among the areas covered in the interview include:

  • How Veristor eliminates much of the hard costs related to data management and protection by taking on the infrastructure management aspects of the cloud service
  • Ways Veristor enhances a company’s data security posture through regular security and patching processes
  • Techniques Veristor uses to collaborate with its managed services customers to align solutions with business goals
  • How Veristor builds business elasticity through a measured approach to cloud enablement

Listen to the Forbes Books Radio Interview. Then see how Veristor delivers complete protection for your data-driven business through managed services here.