At Veristor, we understand that cloud isn’t a place. It’s an operating model. Our customers are tasked with delivering infrastructure footprints to support both their legacy applications and business processes as well as the development efforts of teams who are driving innovation for the business to a greater extent than ever before. While IT accepts this new challenge, it is difficult to deliver on these priorities as traditional infrastructure is optimized for stability, scalability and performance, but not for speed. Infrastructure must be the engine of value creation, not the bottleneck to success. Composability offers the onramp to a new way of thinking about infrastructure.

How Does Composable Work?

Composable infrastructure is characterized by three main criteria: Fluid Resource Pools, Software Defined Intelligence and a Unified API. In short, resources (compute, storage, networking) are present in disaggregated pools and provisioned via a template driven software tool. These templates and provisioning tools can then be called from an API that’s RESTful and interoperable with a wide array of orchestration, automation and configuration tools. The net result is that we’re able to manage bare metal flexible infrastructure with the same level of ease that we currently manage virtual machines.

The Hybrid Cloud Era Demands a New Approach to Hardware Platforms

One of the major drivers of adoption of public cloud infrastructure has been the speed with which teams can spin up end-to-end environments. Sometimes this occurs as part of a company-led public cloud initiative, but sometimes it’s a matter of necessity. IT just can’t deliver resources to its internal customers at the speed they require. Since deploying off-premises resources can be as easy as swiping a credit card, problems with shadow IT abound. As the category of composable solutions evolves, we finally have a flexible, scalable hardware platform that can be rapidly configured, de-provisioned and reconfigured to meet an increasingly diverse set of workloads and requirements around aggressive development cycles.

Prepare for Infrastructure as Code

At Veristor, we understand that what has worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future. We believe that composable infrastructure provides one of the fundamental platform bridges between the traditional mode of IT operation and the new era of hybrid cloud. When the deployment of new resources can be reduced to a single line of code, our ability to be flexible at speed becomes almost limitless.