Cybersecurity Best Practices from the Experts – Video Series 3 & 4

During the recent Veristor Cybersecurity Tech Summit Series: A C-Level Approach to Tackling Enterprise Security Challenges, six cybersecurity experts shared their views on best practices for addressing real-world security threats. Among their recommendations: start first by selecting your security framework for cybersecurity success.

Hear tips and advice from two of these expert presenters in the following videos. They share valuable recommendations for building the cybersecurity processes that will minimize risk and improve your security posture.

In this video, Michael Morgan, CVP Enterprise Crisis Management, New York Life Insurance Company shares the need for communication and collaboration between the multiple stakeholders and departments involved in security response processes. He says that the biggest issue is that most people don’t know where to start. His suggestion is to start as basic as you can with your first framework and grow your security process from there. Be sure to carefully define roles and responsibilities, document the processes and test them before an incident occurs. Regular testing is paramount to the success of any program.


In the following video, Jackie Groark, Director Security/CISO, Veristor further outlines the importance of deciding on your security framework. One you select your framework, assess what your security posture looks like today including what risks you have and how acceptable they are to the business. She warns that an ad hock approach to mitigate risk can create a lopsided program with holes where adversaries can break through. Instead, turn to a trusted partner to help you navigate the vast landscape of cybersecurity technologies available to address the top 20 CIS controls.


If you’re interested in more expert perspectives on how to tackle enterprise security challenges, join Veristor on Tuesday, October 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for its next Cybersecurity Tech Summit, Nashville. Hear from experts JD Sherry, Chief Revenue Officer, Remediant; TJ Bean, Director Cybersecurity, Hospital Corporation of America; Jackie Groark, Director Security/CISO, Veristor; and Michael Walter, Director Information Security, Protivity.

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