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Murray Granger
EVP of Sales & Business Development

Digital workers are like marathon runners – constantly racing against the clock, looking over their shoulders for the competition. To gain every possible advantage, they need fast and efficient access to data, apps, analytics and other resources that can help them make better decisions and leverage revenue opportunities.

The Strategic IT Opportunity

It’s an unforgiving business environment – especially for IT teams. But it also offers new opportunities for IT and business leaders to collaborate around strategy, problem-solving, innovation and new markets. IT cannot afford to turn these initiatives into boondoggles because of infrastructure issues no one wants to hear about.

It’s up to your team to maintain your legacy infrastructure and simultaneously work to:

  • Deliver faster services and boost revenue without increasing costs and complexity
  • Develop an IT environment that is easy to manage and can scale with your business
  • Develop a strategy for tomorrow, e. g., cloud-ready IT and composable infrastructure

And while you’re at it, your IT department needs to deliver seamless user experiences to your customers and workforce.

The Path to a 21st-Century Infrastructure

Based on the rate of high-tech innovation in recent years, we can assume that the pace will continue, even accelerate. To ensure your infrastructure and staff have the ability not only to support the pace of digital business but to actively engage in driving the direction of your business, hybrid IT is a great place to start. It’s the only strategy that combines the best of traditional hardware, cloud and off-premises IT to optimize the performance of 100 percent of your applications while reducing operating expenses and staff overhead with centralized infrastructure management. As important, it creates the foundation for adoption of new, hyper-converged and composable IT for even greater business agility. In other words, you can “get there from here.”

VeriStor Delivering Value at the Speed of Business

We know that gaining greater IT agility is a requirement for digital business success – even survival. But your apps and data also need to deliver value instantly and continuously. The trick is finding the right mix of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT for today and tomorrow.

Only Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HPE Platinum Partner VeriStor can deliver all the infrastructure services, software, systems and expertise you need to configure the optimal hybrid IT environment that will allow you to transform change into opportunities.

Experts from VeriStor will help you assess where you are today, compare that with your IT transformation goals and then plan an implementation strategy to achieve the right mix for market success.

Gain your hybrid cloud advantage. Contact VeriStor for a complimentary assessment today.





February 1st, 2017|

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