Ashby Lincoln
President & CEO

In today’s real-time digital markets, ideas can happen anywhere. Some become revenue-generating products, services and experiences – while others evaporate, leaving no trace. The enabling factor in bringing ideas quickly to fruition is an agile, hybrid infrastructure that mirrors the rich complexity and dynamics of the Idea Economy.

Maximizing IT Value

Modern infrastructure management is not your father’s IT: key processes, particularly customer-facing and revenue-generating applications, live online in data centers. To drive business forward, customers and employees need real-time access to these apps and data at any time, from any device – and your team works hard every day to deliver them quickly and securely.

According to an Oxford Economics study, this leaves many IT leaders between a rock and a hard place when it comes to building IT that can capitalize on Idea Economy opportunities while managing the legacy systems designed to “run the business.” It’s no wonder that 61 percent of respondents said they find it difficult to develop an idea into a product quickly; however, 70 percent agreed that bringing innovative new products and services to market is a competitive imperative.1

Creating the Right IT Mix to Drive Innovation

However, most infrastructures are built and integrated piecemeal, creating functional silos that slow data access and deployment. Servers are often consumed by single-app tenants, wasting space, energy and resources. And the time and staff needed to leverage legacy hardware and hardwired systems can slow deployment to a crawl.

You know you need to modernize your infrastructure, but how do you decide which technologies to keep and which to replace?

Build Idea Economy IT with VeriStor and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Only responsive, hybrid infrastructures can scale and provision services at Idea Economy speeds. With hybrid IT solutions from VeriStor and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you can combine the best of traditional hardware, cloud and off-premises IT to optimize the performance of 100 percent of your applications – and your mobile workforce to:

  • Energize growth
  • Strengthen profitability
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce risk
  • Encourage innovation
  • Increase organizational agility
  • Improve the customer experience

Your custom hybrid implementation will also allow your team to evolve to hyper-converged and composable IT when it’s ready. And only HPE and Platinum Business Partner VeriStor Technologies can provide the services, solutions and expertise you need to implement the right hybrid IT environment for your idea-driven enterprise.

Gain a hybrid cloud advantage. Contact VeriStor for an assessment today. [link to contact page]

1HPE Matters Oxford Economics Special Report: “The Growing Pressures of the Idea Economy,” 2015.