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Brooke Gravitt
DevOps Architect

DevOps Transformation – Getting Started

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Laozi

Meeting the demands of an evolving marketplace is a constant challenge for most organizations.  Product development teams are transitioning to Agile development after decades of Waterfall. These teams are pushing the operations groups to move ever faster; are consuming more and more resources; and stepping across traditional boundaries once exclusively the domain of IT Operations. In many cases, they’re sidestepping IT Ops altogether to move stealthily to the public cloud.

The struggle between achieving business goals (Dev!) and maintaining stable and secure infrastructure (Ops!) can bring these two ends of any organization to blows. How do we tightly align these two loosely coupled groups? Enter DevOps.

DevOps is quite a buzzword these days. Everyone is starting DevOps teams, hiring DevOps engineers, and buying DevOps tools. However, hiring engineers and buying tools constitutes only a portion of the effort.

So what does it really mean to “Do” DevOps? At VeriStor, we’ve worked with customers to help them understand not just the technical aspects, but also cultural changes necessary to enact a successful DevOps transformation. And DevOps is transformative – the gains attainable when Dev and Ops are aligned are tremendous. But buy-in from executive management is a must – the efforts will be for naught without the support and alignment of business leaders.

Executive workshops, Agile/DevOps Assessments, Transformation Roadmaps – these are but a few of the tools we can provide to assist in the early stages of successful DevOps transformation. We’ve partnered with industry thought-leaders to ensure a “Best-Practices” approach at every stage, starting with documenting the ROI and establishing the roadmap.

Along with the proper tools, wide-scale automation of the delivery pipeline is the technical aspect of adopting DevOps practices. Whether it includes fleshing out your CI/CD Pipeline, Automated Testing, Scripted Environments, Automated Deployments – we can help.  We have the experience and tools to help you execute the right technical solution for your DevOps transformation.

In short, DevOps is more than a specific tool, employee title, or team initiative. It’s a journey that begins with that first step –  Let us help you begin your own successful DevOps Transformation journey.

Brooke Gravitt designs solutions that empower organizations to embark on successful DevOps Transformations. Brooke has been an advocate of automation and increasing quality through simplicity for over 18 years and has led Agile and DevOps and initiatives at companies including Fiserv, Macy’s, and McKesson.