Ashby Lincoln
President & CEO

In a recent survey of senior IT decision-makers, nearly 90 percent said their operating platform has limitations that require manual processes.1 It’s no wonder that maintaining legacy infrastructures often consumes the majority of IT budgets. But the status quo is not going to cut it in today’s digital marketplace.

Balancing IT Maintenance and Innovation

Continuous innovation is a competitive necessity that falls into IT’s domain. This leaves decision-makers with an ongoing dilemma: how to invest in and deliver innovative applications and services to the business while maintaining cumbersome legacy infrastructures – all on a flat or shrinking budget.

Administration costs (not hardware or software) are often the biggest contributor to escalating IT operations costs.2 Gartner

A Columbia Business School professor examined the issue of “keeping the lights on” versus delivering innovative projects, and concluded that companies should be spending no more than 50 percent of their IT budget on maintaining current systems, with the other half going toward new projects.3 A recent Forrester Research survey of IT leaders revealed a different story: Respondents spend an average of 72 percent of their IT budget on keep-the-lights-on functions, while only 28 percent of the money goes toward new projects.4

The Choice: Complex vs. Competitive IT

Increasing IT complexity is the 800 lb. gorilla in the data center, hijacking staff time, talent and budget away from high-value projects. For example, as the number of configurations increases, you need different teams to operate, integrate and maintain the disparate infrastructures and configurations – resulting in ballooning labor costs.

Clearly, the only way you’ll free up IT budget and resources to focus on innovation and improve your competitive capabilities is through simplification of your infrastructure – old, new and “unknown.”

Leverage the Best of New and Legacy with Hybrid IT

Modern hybrid infrastructures from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Platinum Business Partner VeriStor leverage both new and traditional IT to reduce costs and improve utilization, performance and availability. Hybrid IT empowers your team to centrally manage, scale and deploy services quickly and easily, freeing up resources for critical-path innovation, and creating the foundation for hyper-converged and composable IT.

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