The digital business. It’s a worthy goal, but sometimes hard to truly achieve. Growing complexity often comes hand in hand with digital transformation strategies, impeding your ability to achieve the gains you seek.

Hyperconvergence has entered to solve this problem. Helping to eliminate tedious manual processes and the complexity of multiple point products, hyperconverged solutions can be the answer. They provide the ability you need to help users consume IT services from the security of your own data center, delivering cloud-like efficiency, with the ability to be deployed at cloud-like speed.

Consider these three top challenges, solved, with a hyperconverged solution.

  1. To Simplify Your Operations. With a hyperconverged solution you get everything you need in a simple, easy to manage solution. This makes maintenance a breeze. Deploy new VMs in as little as five clicks and update hardware and firmware in three clicks. Plus, you can get instant diagnostics and analytics from hyperconverged systems so you can respond faster to business needs.
  2. To Allow Users to Work from Anywhere. Your users want their freedom. In many cases, they’re going to get it however they can. Don’t allow them to create risky shadow IT scenarios. Instead, give them what they want, while controlling it from within your own data center. Hyperconverged systems enable them to access data, when and where they need it, with cloud-like ease. As a result, you can enable business productivity without putting data at risk or into unknown hands.
  3. For a Faster, Smarter Business. Hyperconverged solutions can enable IT to power the business faster by giving you the ability to deliver new VMs to the business dynamically. As a result, you can meet even the most unpredictable business requirements with speeds often never thought possible. By decreasing time-to-market and shortening time between request and delivery, you can have a significant impact on business performance.

Hyperconverged solutions are forging new paths for today’s businesses to realize the digital transformation they demand to stay one step ahead of the competition. By enabling businesses to simplify operations, work from anywhere, and react faster, they help IT become an innovator for the business.

As experts in server/compute, network, and storage virtualization, Veristor can fully support your organization’s private cloud/converged infrastructure initiatives from assessment and business case/ROI justification through architecture design, proof of concept, and production deployment. Learn more here.