How do you take a 20-year-old design for a major NBA sports arena and make it technically secure and relevant to the way consumers experience events today? That was the mission of Mark Wasdin, the CIO of the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena in downtown Atlanta. Besides the 40+ Hawks games a year, the Arena hosts 100+ other events, with a diverse audience – all expecting to consume content besides the physical attendance and engage in a much more interactive, social media style experience

Matching consumer expectations to the modernized IT architecture was a key part of the recently completed $200 million Arena renovation. As a strategic partner, a relationship that began 10 years ago by providing critical data storage solutions, Veristor has been an integral part of helping the Arena implement IT security solutions that support the level of data protection now required. That support covers the customers’ data as well as the thousands of hours of content – digital assets – that goes on Arena screens.

As Mark said, “We’re a very visible organization, and we want to make sure that we’re protecting our fans and guests’ data.”

Veristor, with the principle that ‘data is the new perimeter,’ has developed and helped implement data security solutions to protect the entire Arena’s data – customer facing and internal.  It has also developed disaster recovery solutions to mitigate risk and control a data breach, should it occur.  Replicating data in the cloud, for failover, should there be issues with physical servers, is an important aspect of the recovery architecture now in place.

The old days of going to a game and getting a hot dog and a beer have evolved into social media and mobile apps becoming part of the experience. Veristor helps make all this intensive inventory of data secure and protected so the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena can focus on their priority: satisfying the fans.

For a full look at this transformation, check out our Fireside Chat video with Mark: