Jay Waggoner

Jay Waggoner
Director of Sales & Business Development, Cloud Services

“Perfect!”, “Excellent!”, “Nailed It!”, “Blew away our RTO!”

We meet with professionals in mid-size and enterprise IT operations on a daily basis. As part of the dialogue, I always ask one simple question: “How did your most recent disaster recovery test go?”

We never get anything resembling the above responses… not even from customers who have spent substantial capital dollars and wasted hundreds of hours of staff time trying to get it right. The fact is this: do-it-yourself DR is expensive, time consuming, and much more complex than most realize.

The answers we do get to this question – almost without exception – fall somewhere on the continuum between “Ummmmmm” (with an associated face contortion) and “Well… we’ve never really done a DR test.” One of the best answers I’ve heard came recently when the CIO of a rather large operation said, “We have more of a disaster recovery theory than a disaster recovery plan.”

Wouldn’t a no-caveat, stone-cold successful DR test give you, your executives, and your auditors peace of mind? At VeriStor, you never get a monthly invoice until we have proven that we can meet your Recovery Time Objective through a successful failover test. If we can’t meet your requirements (which, by the way, hasn’t happened yet), you don’t pay us – a de facto proof-of-concept. If you continue to spend precious time and capital dollars and don’t have uncompromising validation, it’s time to turn the page to a new strategy.

So, how did your most recent DR test go? If your answer is one like I’ve described, we can help.