Examining Complete Data Protection– Cybersecurity Video Series

Defending against cyber threats isn’t getting any easier. That’s the reality Veristor heard from enterprise security experts during the recent Cybersecurity Tech Summit. One difficulty is that threats are a moving target – while security professionals work to get a handle on current threats, experts know cyber criminals are busy creating an entire new generation of threats to disrupt business. At the same time, insider threats are becoming more prevalent, experts say, adding to the complexity of defending against all these constantly changing targets.

To be effective against this evolving threat landscape, we’re hearing how our partners are expanding operational visibility across the enterprise. The objective of end-to-end data protection must be realized since threats now come from email phishing, outside attacks, insider threats and a host of other events. Veristor partners are also emphasizing that centralized management against these threats is essential to mitigating against risk, and more complexity. The ‘single console’ approach is not just a marketing message; it’s critical to managing against this risk landscape.

In the following videos, Lyndsey Inman of Digital Guardian and Michael Vanderhoff of Mimecast share their views on what complete data protection means today, and what it takes to achieve true enterprise cyber resiliency.

Digital Guardian has a laser focus solely on data protection. Complete visibility is essential to effective data protection and a hallmark of the company’s solution, says Lyndsey. It is also critical to protecting against insider threats, or outsiders posing as insiders, and intent on exfiltrating data.

An emerging technology Digital Guardian supports is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), which Lyndsey says addresses the need for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats.   Combined with data loss prevention (DLP), enterprises can further achieve complete data protection. Watch the video:

Mimecast began as an email archiving and security company, but as Michael notes, the company has evolved its platform to address the changing threat environment. Now the company is focused on cyber resiliency, the complete life cycle of a threat: advanced security before an attack, keeping business running and secure during an attack, and restoring to the next best state after the attack, using archiving and other recovery solutions.

Michael also makes a key point that a strong partner ecosystem is essential to complete threat defense. No one company can keep up with this evolving threat environment so Mimecast and others can provide the best solution by using complimentary technologies as needed, Michael says.

The cyber security talent shortage and skills gap is another trend affecting data protection (read more about the cybersecurity talent shortage in this blog). As Michael notes, making solutions easy to use and employing single console management can help free up IT for other value add tasks. Watch the video: