(don’t worry, they’re good enterprise storage surprises)

It’s an exciting time to be in the market for a new enterprise storage system. That’s not only because of the innovative performance and security features that are being built into today’s arrays, but the many ways in which a stronger storage platform can better support operations teams.

Modern enterprise storage systems are becoming more intelligent, easier to manage, and highly automated. These advances are ushering in more than a few changes for storage professionals, most notably in the efficiency and effectiveness with which they plan for growth, improve security, connect to the cloud, and troubleshoot issues. To bring these changes to life, let’s take a look at a few key takeaways (and a few surprises) from a recent webinar that Veristor and HPE Nimble Storage recently delivered together about the key questions enterprise storage pros should ask before purchasing their next array.

1.  Right-sizing performance, capacity, and protection is getting a whole lot easier

The latest arrays are smart enough to understand the resources needed to support a given application, and they can even autoconfigure resources based on real-world needs. This level of automation can free storage professionals from constantly tweaking RAID sets and data locations to keep storage aligned with the business.

2.  The new security and data protection features out there are just plain amazing

New arrays are taking availability and security to the next level with features like triple parity plus, snapshot protection, application-granular encryption, and secure data shredding. A few short years ago, I couldn’t have imagined tolerating three simultaneous drive failures or easily rolling back a data set to just before a ransomware attack. Now Nimble Storage is offering built-in features that make it simple to stay safe.

3.  Cloud integration isn’t just about storage flexibility, it’s about reducing costs

While enterprises are increasingly looking to the cloud as a means of quickly and easily flexing capacity, new platforms, such as those from Nimble Storage, can actually help lower operational costs. With the ability to replicate data to an offsite location and the openness to make data accessible to virtually any cloud platform, modern arrays are helping businesses create low-cost disaster recovery strategies, while avoiding expensive vendor lock-in, too.

4.  Some of the most innovative features from Nimble Storage actually solve some boring problems

While flashy new capabilities are always welcome, sometimes it’s the simplest things that matter most. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see Nimble Storage focused on improving the overall efficiency of storage management. The arrays can validate that infrastructure is configured properly, alert operations teams automatically when performance falls below certain thresholds, and even pinpoint where some tuning can help. Strong stuff.

5.  Artificial intelligence is becoming very real in today’s most advanced storage systems

There are a lot of what-ifs in the enterprise storage realm. What if I install this driver? What if I upgrade that operating system? What if I run out of capacity on this array? These scenarios typically require a storage professional to spend time examining if changes in the environment will degrade performance, create downtime, or require additional capacity. But when equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, storage arrays from Nimble Storage can quickly predict what will happen when changes are made. This can streamline how performance and capacity are managed and prevent unnecessary downtime.

The beauty of having so many innovative features to choose from is that it allows enterprises to easily tailor storage solutions around their specific performance and security needs. And when that happens, not only are operations teams firing on all cylinders, but they can dedicate more time and energy to strategic business initiatives rather than daily maintenance.

Watch the webinar here, and learn how you can strengthen your enterprise storage platform.