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VP Technology & Strategy Rashad drives the strategic processes and solutions that empower organizations to embark on successful DevOps Transformations. Also responsible for establishing cutting edge partnerships to advance the development of technology processes to drive both customer and Forty8Fifty business growth. He’s inspired team collaboration and agility for over 16 years and has directed data center efficiency efforts and DevOps initiatives at several companies.
January 7th, 2020|

Speed Kills…

Gain a Competitive Advantage by Asking the Right Questions to Speed the ‘Idea to Delivery’ Process It is no secret that one of the many results of DevOps is Speed! Many are looking for ways to inject speed into the process of ‘idea to delivery,’ converting feedback from customers to response, and so on. These [...]

August 28th, 2018|

DevOps Initiatives. It Takes a Village to Fail.

Transformation Requires Change Tolerance When it comes to DevOps transformation, success, or failure, ultimately falls on the desks of the executive suite. It’s tempting for the average worker or IT team to place blame on leadership, but in reality, when a DevOps initiative fails, all of us need to first look in the mirror. Companies tend [...]