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Allen Vailliencourt is a DevOps Solution Architect at Forty8Fifty Labs and an expert in the adoption of microservices and containerized development processes. At Forty8Fifty Labs, Vailliencourt helps teams accelerate their DevOps journey, improve collaboration, streamline development and reduce time to revenue.
May 3rd, 2018|

Three Considerations when Moving to a Microservices Model

Evolving DevOps to Iterate Quicker, Fail Early and Deploy Faster Some of the most admirable DevOps-driven companies – Netflix, Google, and Amazon to name a few – have set the bar for rapid application deployment. One of their keys? Breaking down applications into bite-sized code, or microservices, using practices for loosely coupled architecture. By breaking [...]

January 18th, 2018|

Automate DevOps Drudgery with Red Hat Ansible

When it comes to DevOps, one of your most important assets is time. It’s something you simply can never get enough of. And, one of the best ways to conserve time during your next DevOps project is through automation. Targeted automation can help free you up to focus on the more strategic parts of your [...]