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Just like your business, your IT infrastructure is unique. So you already know that technology solutions that work for others may not be right for you. But with today’s accelerating pace of innovation, the next step on your IT journey may not always be clear. Sometimes, the right guide can make all the difference.

At Veristor, we can help you chart a course for technology transformation that is custom built for the business and IT challenges you face. Our experts specialize in integrating technology seamlessly into your infrastructure and operation, and we’ve hand-picked a complete set of hardware and software solutions that can help you evolve for tomorrow, starting today.

HPE Webinar

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Storage Array

Most enterprises strive to find top-notch storage arrays that scale to meet growth demands, while seamlessly and securely keeping up with the pace of business — at a reasonable price. Watch this on-demand webinar for answers to the top five questions that should be on your mind as you evaluate your next array, to help you make the right investment.

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NIST framework to secure AWS

Applying the NIST Framework to Secure AWS

Join RedLock and Veristor Systems in this 60-minute webinar to learn how to develop a cloud security strategy based on the NIST cybersecurity framework, strategies for maximizing the ‘shared responsibility’ for cloud security, and check out a RedLock demo

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Hear from Cybersecurity expert: Tom Kellermann

A Turnkey Infrastructure Refresh with HPE, Citrix and VMware

Read how ATA turned to Veristor to help implement a complete, turn-key infrastructure upgrade, a new virtual desktop solution and a strategic leasing program. This case study dives into ATA’s pressing challenges, along with the specific solutions Veristor architected in order to overcome them.

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